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This web site (hereafter, the "Site") is published by the Altran Foundation for Innovation (hereafter, the "Foundation") whose headquarters are located at 54/56 avenue Hoche 75008 Paris - France. For further information on the operation of this Site and these Terms of Use, please contact the site administrator at: foundation@altran-foundation.org. 

The Foundation reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or discontinue all or part of the Site contents for any reason, without any prior notice. The Foundation may not be held liable in any manner whatsoever for the consequences of any modification or discontinuation of the content of this Site. The Foundation shall take all reasonable care to regularly update the information displayed on the Site, although it shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information displayed.

Publishing Director: Philippe Salle,  President of the Foundation, Chairman & Chief Executive of the Altran Group

Managing Editor: Frédéric Fougerat, Vice- President of the Foundation, Group Communications Director

Chief Editors: Christian Le Liepvre, Director of the Foundation & Kaling Chan, Group Communications Manager

Webmaster: Franck Leinert, Group Communications Manager, Head of the Digital & Editorial team


The purpose of this Site is to present the Foundation's various activities to you, the "User". By entering this Site, you agree to comply with these terms of use (hereafter, the "Terms of Use"). The Foundation has drawn up these Terms of Use and shall be entitled to modify them at any time.


This Site is intended for the User's personal use only. It may not be used by the User in a professional or business capacity. The User undertakes not to sell, lease or market the contents of the Site or the proposed Services. The rearrangement, modification, decompilation, translation, adaptation or reproduction of any information, software or, more generally, any part of the Site is strictly prohibited.


The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Foundation, its Founder, its representatives, employees or partners for or against any loss or damage sustained or any complaint or claim made by a third party as a result of any breach of these Terms of Use, of the rights of any third party or of any public policy provisions. This warranty shall cover the payment of compensation and the payment of all reasonable legal fees and court costs.


The entire content of this Site is governed by the French law and international conventions on copyright and intellectual property. All use, translation and adaptation rights are reserved, including downloadable material, icons and photographs.

Accordingly, you agree not to reproduce, copy, sell or make any other use whatsoever of all or part of the Site contents or any right to log on to the Site.


The Site may contain links to other sites or Internet sources. As the Foundation has no control over these sites or external sources, you accept that the Foundation is not responsible for the existence of said sites or sources, and shall not be liable for the content thereof under any circumstances.


Given that the Internet is a world-wide network, by visiting this Site you agree to comply with these Terms of Use and the laws applicable in France, the country in which the Site is hosted and published, wherever you may be in the world.


Users expressly acknowledge that they access and consult the Site at their risk and peril. The Site is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, as it is dependent on the availability of the Internet network. THE FOUNDATION MAKES NO OTHER WRITTEN, VERBAL OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE). Accordingly, the Foundation shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused as a result of accessing or consulting the Site, including any harm, to your computer or other property and, in particular, infection by any virus, worms and other cause. The Site User shall accept the risks and bear the costs inherent in the use of the Site. Similarly, and subject to the applicable laws and regulations, the Foundation shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, including but not limited to any lost profits, lost customers, lost data, lost bases, lost softwares or loss of or damage to intangible assets that may result from the ability or the inability to access and use the Site and, more generally, any event arising in connection with the Site and/or any other site. More specifically, the Foundation shall not be held liable in the event of unauthorised access to this Site or any part of it by hackers, or for any damage or loss you or any third party may suffer as a result thereof.


The User is informed that the Foundation collects information on how Users connect to the Site, which pages they consult and the duration of their visits. The Foundation may also use Cookies in order to improve the quality of navigation around the Site. Cookies are files containing information we may store on your personal computer's hard disk so we can personalise your visits to the Site.

The Foundation undertakes not to disclose any personal information about the User unless expressly authorised to do so by the User, except in exceptional circumstances. You are reminded that the Foundation may be legally bound to disclose confidential information, in particular when disclosure is necessary to identify, issue summons to or prosecute any individual who may have infringed the rights of the Foundation, any other User or any third par


These Terms of Web Site Use state the entire agreement entered into between the Foundation and the user of the Site relating to use of the Site, and supersede any earlier agreement you may have entered into with the Foundation. Any failure by the Foundation to exercise its rights under these Terms of Use shall not constitute the waiver of such rights. If any of the provisions of these Terms of Use are rescinded by court order, the other provisions shall remain valid and shall continue to apply between the Foundation and the Users. Clause headings are included for ease of reference and to facilitate understanding of the Terms of Use only, and shall in no way affect the content of the clauses or the interpretation thereof. If a clause of these Terms of Use is found to be contrary to current laws, the parties shall consider that it has been replaced by provisions that are valid under French law and that are as near in meaning to the original clause as is possible.

These Terms of Use and the relations between the Foundation and its Users shall be governed by French law. By accepting these Terms of Use, the User irrevocably agrees that the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction. Accordingly, any dispute that is not amicably settled within two (2) months shall be referred by the most diligent party to the competent courts of Paris.